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"Having the AskED® Problem Solver is like having an election expert in every polling place!"
Robert Saar, Executive Director, DuPage County (IL) Election Commission

Mobile Apps are here. Solve your unique election challenges. AskED products are now available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile.


Get Instant Election Answers At The Poll Sites

What if every poll worker at the poll sites could give the correct answer about voter eligibility and ballot choice? Now they can. The AskED® Problem Solver is the ultimate tool for transforming ordinary poll workers into election experts regardless of age or technical experience by putting election answers at their fingertips in the precinct.

Easy-To Use
The AskED Problem Solver is an intuitive portable device that integrates the information from poll worker training, voter registration data, poll site maps, voting equipment setup and provisional ballots to enable election workers to solve up to 80% of the questions in the precinct. By simply answering a series of smart questions, every election worker can quickly determine the correct eligibility and appropriate ballot for each voter. Now even the most novice election worker can give the correct answer on voter eligibility, ballot choice or even directions to another polling place.

Solves 80% of Questions Instantly
AskED’s built-in patent-pending Election Decision™ support system provides poll workers with the correct solution to each voter’s situation, including the correct ballot style and directions on how to fill out any necessary forms.

“Am I registered to vote?” and, “Where is my polling place?” are the two most popular questions on Election Day. Both of these questions can be answered in seconds when utilizing the AskED® Problem Solver.

Prevent Long Lines & Delays
The AskED Problem Solver enables poll workers to verify each voter’s eligibility before they even reach the pollbook. In case of a power outage, the AskED Problem Solver operates wirelessly from a battery, so poll sites still have access to voter registration data. It provides backup when you need it most.

Video Help System
The video help system gives poll workers visual instruction for setting up ballot boxes, close of election tasks, and much more.

Save Money
Cut your costs by printing less training manuals that become dated over time and improve pollworker retention. This user-friendly, mobile-based application, provides an ideal electronic alternative to what was previously an expensive and time-consuming training process with outdated paper manuals.

Personalized Logic for Each Jurisdiction and Each Election Type
The AskED Problem Solver is completely data-driven based on your information and preferences. Our Election Services team does all of the set-up work so that that it is not only the easiest system to use on the market but is also designed specifically for your needs. Your staff will be able to get up and running immediately with your information and your procedures.

Multi-Lingual Audio
Play "yes" or "no" questions and explanations through the speaker in the voter's native language. Poll workers just need to understand "yes" or "no" in that language.

Whether you have aging poll workers, are changing voting equipment or are making legislative updates, the AskED Problem Solver guides election workers with the most up-to-date data. In addition to streamlining the training process, the AskED Problem Solver also allows jurisdictions to integrate quality control efforts, manage election procedures and improve voter service. Call to schedule your demonstration today.

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AskED products are used in jurisdictions across the United States including:

Wahington D.C. Los Angeles, CA Orange County, NY Chicago DuPage County, IL Citrus County, FL State of Hawaii
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