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Easy pollbook for pollworkers. Service voters correctly with AskED. The AskED logic makes being a poll worker simple. No other ePollbook is easier for servicing voters correctly.

Live Connectivity
The AskED ePollbook has the ability to support live connections from the poll sites without additional software purchase. The AskED ePollbook does not depend on connectivity to function.

Sensitive data is encrypted and data is stored in multiple locations to ensure data integrity.

Cost Effective

Without any additional software to purchase, the AskED ePollbook supports: Same day registration, vote centers, mandatory ID laws, printing of custom forms or affidavits for each voter and electronic signatures.

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The Easiest Electronic Pollbook for Servicing Voters Correctly

Intuitive Interface
Make the switch to electronic pollbooks easy for your poll workers. The innovative technology of the AskED ePollbook lets your poll workers easily check-in voters and ensures the correct ballot goes out.

• Designed for the non-technical user
• User-Friendly with simple buttons
• Guides user like a GPS

Election Decision Support™
AskED’s built-in patent-pending Election Decision Support™ system provides poll workers with the correct solution to each voter’s situation, including the correct ballot style. The AskED ePollbook is the only electronic pollbook on the market that guides the poll worker exactly what to do with the voter—consistently, accurately, and in mere seconds—saving calls to the Election Office. No other electronic pollbook makes a poll workers job easier.

Live Synchronization (Available Feature)
The AskED ePollbook's Live Synchronization feature synchronizes data between multiple locations in real-time via encrypted communication. As the time between early voting and election day gets tighter, the AskED ePollbooks are able to receive the latest updates in real-time. AskED's built-in Connectivity Failover feature ensures voting doesn't stop even if a connection is lost. It's automatic and seamless.

Easily Scalable & Adaptable
The AskED ePollbook makes it simple to automate voter check-in and update voter history on your voter registration system. Advanced technology combined with durable, off-the-shelf components ensure reliable system performance. The AskED ePollbook is configurable to meet state and local requirements and will integrate
with all voter registration systems.

On-Demand Ballot Printing (Available Feature)
Print ballots as needed at any location or vote center. Now you can print the correct ballots for voters automatically on the spot instead printing thousands of ballots that never get used. The AskED ePollbook knows exactly which ballot a voter should get regardless of their circumstances. SLI Global Solutions (The Independent Test Authority service provider for numerous voting system manufacturers) certified the AskED ePollbook as a “Ballot On Demand System”. It is one of the only certified electronic pollbooks on the market today.

Proven Efficiency
The efficiency of this AskED solution is saving Bernalillo County, New Mexico over one million dollars per election. Bernalillo County has been able to reduce their quantity of voting equipment and poll workers by consolidating 400 poll sites to 70 vote centers. This also means they no longer need to keep ballots on hand. Voters can now vote at any vote center in the county rather than having to go to one specific poll site.

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AskED products are used in jurisdictions across the United States including:

Wahington D.C. Los Angeles, CA Orange County, NY Chicago DuPage County, IL Citrus County, FL State of Hawaii
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